Image Renovation and Remodelling of a private residence
This splendid 4 bedroom detached house was fully renovated and remodelled to the Turquoise quality. The electrical systems, plumbing, structural fa├žade and interior decor and design were all upgraded to a modern contemporary look. .

Image 1004 Flats Renovation and Remodelling
The standard interior design that was incorporated in this estate complex 35 years ago, has been upgraded to this new contemporary look

Image Conversion of a 5-bedroom duplex into office building
This 30 year old 5-bedroom duplex home is on its way to be remodelled into an office building

Image Construction of 4 schools in slum areas of Lagos state.
The client Lagos state awarded Turquoise Limited as sub-contractors in the construction of 4no. 3- storey building schools, in the slum areas of Lagos state. These schools were constructed and finished to the highest possible standards the building codes permitted.